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Stay safer on the highways this Fourth of July

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2024 | Personal Injury

The Fourth of July is the midpoint of the summer bookended by Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in September. It’s a time when families take to the roads for vacations and friends get together for outdoor barbecues, parties and huge fireworks displays.

Unfortunately, it is also a time for many accidents that cause injuries and worse to drivers and their passengers.

Travel records may be broken

According to projections made by AAA, over 60 million people will be heading out onto the highways and byways for the extended Fourth of July holiday, which runs from Saturday, July 1 through Sunday, July 9. This year is expected to break auto travel records from previous years.

Travel is restorative and offers vacationers a chance to recharge their batteries and relax. But getting to a far-off destination can place travelers and passengers in jeopardy.

Why this holiday is so risky

The number one reason is that with more cars and trucks on the road, there are more opportunities to get into collisions with other drivers. Then, too, there are many young and inexperienced drivers with newly issued driver’s licenses out riding around during the halcyon days of summer.

One factor poses a particular hazard

One of the hallmarks of a summer holiday is alcohol. From backyard barbecues to huge outdoor concerts, one constant is the presence of alcoholic beverages. Those of legal drinking age can enjoy alcohol responsibly by arranging for a designated sober driver or arranging to spend the night on friends’ couches or at hotels.

But, sadly, far too many of those who imbibe irresponsibly climb behind the steering wheel and head for home. Meanwhile, tragedies unfold for the families whose lives are forever disrupted by their flouting of the laws prohibiting drinking and driving.

If you get into a holiday accident

Learning more about your rights and responsibilities after a drunk driver injures you in a crash can help you find a path to civil justice.